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Our office will be closed between December 30th 2016 and January 3rd 2017, we will answer to any emails at January 4th. Thank you for your understanding.

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As our opening campaign, we have a free-for-all-campaign.
No matter how many times you mail or call, our service is free!*
(*wifi or phone call costs may apply)
Office hours: Mon-Sun every day from 9.00-20.00 (9AM-8PM) (Japan time)

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How to use

One phone call to JHD
What do you do when something like this happens?
  • "What can I do on rainy days?"
  • "I want to find a good sushi place, but how?"
  • "What do I do when I fall ill?"
  • "I want to borrow a rental-car."
  • "I need to know how and where to change trains"
  • The operator will solve whatever it is that troubles you in Japan.
  • We can service you through telephone or mail.
  • We can help in English, Chinese, German, French and Dutch.

For example

Restaurant Showing the way Tourism
When you want to make a reservation at a good restaurant or sushi place, but do not know how, contact JHD. We will find (and reserve if so desired) a place that meets your wishes, location and wallet. When you are lost, please give us a call. By simply telling us where you are, we will explain how to get at your destination. For those who want to visit "Japanese-esque" locations, other than temples and shrines, we can help! We will supply you with touristic locations depending on your needs, the weather and the season.

Doctor Shopping Events
In the unfortunate case you may fall ill, get a stomachache or a fever, but do not know where to go, please give JHD a call. We will direct you to the closest docter, hospital or pharmacy. To those who want to do some shopping, like buying make-up or clothes, but do not know where to go, feel free to call JHD. We will direct you to a shop close to your location. For those want to visit a Japanese festival or go to ComiKet, but do not know how or where to get information, leave it to JHD. We will inform you of the latest events.

Our customers

Leo C., Taiwan Lara G., Austria
"I needed to meet up with someone for work, but I got completely lost. Even when lost, a quick call to JHD and I was helped on my way. We managed to figure out the quickest way to where I needed to be." "The second I arrived in Japan, I called JHD and asked for a recommendation for where to go. After telling what I would like to see and do, they gave me a few great recommendations in the area."

Leaflet - Download

In our leaflet we explain the details as written on this page once more, but in a printer friendly format.
You can download our leaflet from the link below (.pdf).

Click here to download


If you send a mail titled "Request HardCopy Leaflet JHD" with your name, address and desired amount of leaflets to
we will mail you the printed leaflet by post.


JapanHelpDesk can do their work thanks to the Japan Asia Promotion Foundation (JAPF). JAPF came into existence in 2006 thanks to the backing of various Consulates and Embassies in Japan (including but not limited to those of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and Korea)

JapanHelpDesk is one of the first services in Japan that aims to help foreigners traveling Japan with any problem they come across, so that they can have a pleasant time here.